Fi N.7 Midrange

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Introducing the new Fi N.7 midrange. With a rich heritage pulled from previous production and refined for a more demanding environment, the new N.7 is the first venture for Fi Car Audio into higher frequency drivers.

Utilizing a high power neodymium motor structure and a cast aluminum basket as the foundation , we have added several key features to the driver to increase its performance. A full length copper pole sleeve reduces and linearizes inductance over the entire operating range. The 4 Ohm impedance split voice coil design increases the drivers Xmax and pushes the bottom end performance without sacrificing the upper end clarity. Nomex spiders and santoprene surround allow for damped and controlled excursion. The carbon cone was designed and optimized using FEA to reduce breakup modes and increase clarity. Topping the driver is a solid aluminum phase plug to reduce cross cone cancellations and increase high end frequency response.

Sold in pairs

  • Single 4 Ohm

  • Cast basket

  • Neodymium cup motor

  • Damped carbon fiber cone

  • Santoprene surround

  • Push terminals

  • 10mm Xmax

  • Full length copper sleeve

  • 1-1/4″ diameter coil

  • Split coil design

  • Nomex blend spiders

  • Billet aluminum phase plug
Weight 5 lbs



Single 4



Thiele-Small Parameters

Coils Single 4 Ohm
FS Fs: 53.2 Hz
RE 3.43
QMS 2.673
QES .596
QTS .487
MMS 10.0g
CMS 4.933um/N
SD 13.9 cm^2
VAS 12.922
SPL 88.0 1W/1m
BL 5.560
XMAX 10mm (One Way)
RMS 100W

Technical Specifications

Overall Diameter 7.125″
Cutout Diameter 5.750″
Mounting Depth 3.150″
DriverDisplacement 0.02


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    I just got my N.7 mids today. Can’t wait to get them installed. Very good build quality especially for $150 and built in the USA…#merica

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