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First time for a commercially available 11 magnet 3" coiled sub and on top of the extra motor force, we have added the new Black high grade neo magnets.  All of this extra motor force equates to increased SPL for high pressure/high output applications.  The exclusive team variation of this sub has seen incredible numbers in the lanes and taken many trophies.  This limited edition version is a step up from that.  We have also included an ultra light and stiff carbon cone and cap to ensure strength and control under extreme applications.  All steel is machined in house and for these we have decided to powder coat them in silver as well as the basket. We have included stage 3 of the inductance rings as well to reduce and lienarize inductance and aid in increased thermal capacity.  All leads are stitched and use the bolted terminal block for much larger wire capacity and completely removing the multiple solder and crimp points that could introduce unwanted resistance. The Neo3.11 subs use the high Xmax dual 1 Ohm and dual 2 Ohm coils for 34mm of one way Xmax.


  • Dual 1 and Dual 2 Ohm

  • Extra heavy aluminum basket

  • Wrap around gasket

  • Gloss carbon Rohacell cone

  • Ultra duty wide foam surround

  • Standard heavy duty stitched hybrid lead or push/hybrid termination

  • 144 tinsel count leads

  • FEA optimized motor

  • 2500W on up depending on application

  • 10kW plus on burp applications

  • Ultra grade and temp Black Neo

  • Open column motor design for increased cooling

  • 3” diameter 4 layer aluminum coil

  • 10″ Progressive spiders (5)

  • Water jet and machined in house at Fi

  • 3 stage inductance and cooling

  • 34mm Xmax

  • 12″, 15″, and 18″

  • All parts silver powder coated

  • Limted run of 13

3.11 Cyber Monday

PriceFrom $949.00
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