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The HC Series signals a return to traditional ferrite motors. The HC Series is the latest in the progression of Fi subwoofers geared towards thundering daily drivers. Utilizing a favorite 3 stack ferrite magnet design using US steel cut on our water jet and finish machined on our CNCs, there is plenty of motor force in the FEA derived design for both daily and SPL use. Utilizing a solid pole and now standard with stage 3 aluminum cooling helps keeps thermal temperatures under control. A classic 3 stack of ferrite magnets provide the Gauss while 4 Fi designed 10″ heavy progressive spiders keep things under mechanical control. Utilizing a special 144 tinsel count leadwire that is double sewn to the spider pack, there are no losses in power transfer to the 3" coil (available in either standard stitched with terminals or the hybrid stitched with bolted termination.

The HC brings back an updated favorite with the performance you have come to expect from our classic ferrite designs.


PriceFrom $559.00
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  • Thiele/Small parameters


    Coils D1/D2
    Fs 33.9 Hz
    Re .9/1.8
    Qms 6.15
    Qes 0.27
    Qts 0.26
    Mms 282 g
    Cms 8.33 ^-5
    Sd 480 cm^2
    Vas 24.9 l
    Spl 87.6 1W/1m
    Bl 20.0/28.2
    Xmax 34 mm
    Rms 2500W



    Overall ø


    Cutout ø


    Mounting Depth



    .19 cuft

    Sealed ft3


    Ported ft3

    1.8-2.5 cuft

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