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The midpoint between the venerated Delta and Omega lines: Comes with standard Plus 4″ coils and 5 spiders with our custom epoxy spider joints.   Designed for modern monster applications in ported, 4th or 6th order high-pressure systems. 3500-many Watts depending on the coil and cool/IND options. 12″, 15″, and 18″sizes.


All Neo4.X:

New cooling and inductance features that are set up in stages.  The first stage is a machined aluminum pole sleeve.  This provides better heat wicking and is the first portion of inductance linearizing and reduction.  The second stage is a combination of the pole sleeve and an aluminum domed compression cap.  This increases the compression ratio for cooling as well as adds some outstroke inductance reduction.  The third stage utilizes the pole sleeve, the compression cap, and a thick aluminum finned extrustion that again lowers and linearizes inductance as well as aids in thermal dissipation.  With the third stage we have reduced inductance by almost a factor of 3 over utilizing none of the aluminum.

All leads are stitched in the same pattern and use the bolted terminal block as the original hybrid design.  But we have added push terminals that use this same setup with the ability to handle much larger wire and completely removing the multiple solder and crimp points that could introduce unwanted resistance.


  • Dual 1 and Dual 2 Ohm

  • Extra heavy aluminum basket

  • Wrap around gasket

  • Kraft pulp fiber reinforced cone

  • Dual layer wide foam surround

  • Standard heavy duty stitched hybrid lead or push/hybrid termination

  • 144 tinsel count leads

  • FEA optimized motor

  • 2750W on up depending on options

  • Open column motor design for increased cooling

  • 4” diameter 4 layer coil

  • Standard heavy duty coils 

  • N52UH Neo magnets

  • 10″ Progressive spiders (options for 3-6 depending on series)

  • Water jet and machined in house at Fi

  • 3 stage inductance and cooling options

  • 33mm Xmax

  • 12″, 15″, and 18″sizes

Neo 4.11

PriceFrom $969.00
Logo Decal Color
  • Thiele/Small parameters


    Coils DUAL 1 | DUAL 2
    Fs Hz 36.1 Hz
    Re 0.7 | 1.4
    Qms 6.83
    Qes 0.28
    Qts 0.27
    Mms 381g
    Cms N/A
    Sd 480cm^2
    Vas 17.1 l
    Spl 86.4dB
    Bl 20.4 N/A | 28.7N/A
    Xmax 34mm (One Way)
    Rms 4500W


    Overall ø 12.625"
    Cutout ø 11.125"
    Mounting Depth 9.375"
    Displacment .19 cuft
    Sealed ft3 N/A
    Ported ft3 1.8-2.5 cuft
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