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SSD Series Recone Kits


We have had many different versions of the SSD over the years.  Please see details below for your version.


SSD v1.  Dual 7" magnets with a pole vent.  Sorry no kits available for these.  We have been out of thr original coils for several years.


SSD v2 Single 7.5" magnet diameter motor with a deep back plate. These kits use (2)8" stiff spiders and a wide surround. No provision for flatwind as all coils will be round wire aluminum. Motors were originally grey or black. Includes old style dual push terminal block.


SSD v3 Triple stack 7.5" magnet diameter motor.  Originally with 7" spider and high roll narrow surround.  All come upgraded to 8" spider pack and wide surround. Includes old style dual push terminal block.


SSDv4 Single 8.66" magnet motor with deep back plate.  8" spiders in soft or stiff configuration with wide surround.  Includes old style dual push terminal block.


SSD-Neo using (4)2" diameter neo magnets on poles attached to shaped top and back plates.  Order SSDv4 kit and note that it is for an SSD-Neo.  Kits use the same parts and geometry


PriceFrom $152.00
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