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*Free Bars and Shipping *


35Ah Single Bank (6 cells 6S1P) including single bank bars and all assembly hardware.

All 6 cell banks come with free busbars. All bars are waterjet cut in house at Fi and cleaned in our tumbler. They include the aluminum bars, end plates with multiple 3/8″ holes for attaching ring terminals, a single M6 allen for attaching balancers to each plate, and all M12 nuts to assemble the battery kits.


These are sold as “kits” and not as a full battery. We recommend the use of a balancer for the packs you assemble. Proper attention must be paid to polarity when assembling or damage will occur.


No warranty is expressed or offered for these as a kit. It is up to the customer to have the knowledge of how to use these or to pay a professional to properly assemble them.


35Ah lithium LTO combines 10 minutes fast-charge performance, unparalleled cycle life, low self discharge, and the ability to operate over wide temperature ranges. It easily fits applications requiring extremely high power-to-energy ratios and where safety is critical.


  • Standard voltage:2.3V

  • Max charge per cell 2.8V

  • Capacity: 35Ah

  • Dimension:66x160mm (DxH).

  • Weight:2.6lbs per cell 

  • Charge: 10-20C

  • Discharge: 20-30C

  • Work temperature: -20f~+170f

  • Lifecycle: 16000times

Yinlong LTO 35aH Single Bank Cells

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